Fluoride helps lock the calcium in your pearly whites. This works to protect the tooth enamel, which you can think of as a kind of dental armor. If your teeth were pearly white knights, your tooth enamel would be their shining armor. The enamel loyally guards your teeth against bacterial invaders and hard debris with compacted crystals that shelter the exterior of each tooth. 

While fluoride is commonly found in water or toothpaste, some areas do not enjoy the benefit of having fluoridated water. You can work with your pediatric dentist to provide an extra line of defense by treating your child’s teeth semi-annually with a fluoride treatment.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) at Our Lynnwood Clinic

SDF is a clear antimicrobial liquid that is painlessly “painted” on the cavities. As the silver compound kills the cavity-causing bacteria, and the fluoride hardens the remaining tooth, SDF temporarily stops the cavities from growing. It can be used as an alternative treatment method for very young, fearful child to hold off on dental treatment and help stop the decay process from progressing and in some cases, may be an alternative to sedation or general anesthesia. This therapy is safe, affordable, and reduces trauma and risk.

Risks of SDF are it will permanently stain cavities black. Also, it does not restore tooth form or function, so large cavities may still require fillings. Finally, it cannot be used in the presence of active dental infection or decay into the nerve.

Please come in to see if your child will be a candidate.

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